This scene would suite best at a school with 2 kids and one of them get a prize that has to be secret from a teacher.

1] Romeo says he has come for the poison. 2] The apothecary is concerned about the law because he is selling illegal “Mantua” and the penalty is death. 3 ]Romeo try to say that the apothecary has no life because of how he is living and his environment 4 ]The apothecary takes the money because […]

C3H8502=>3CO2+4H20 AL2SO3+NaOH=>Na2

Mercutio is my favourite character because he is funny and helpfull I

Tybalt would want to fight Romeo because he didn’t like him in his uncles party and because he is jealous. He never liked Romeo in the first place so that’s another why he doesn’t like him. Dear Romeo , Yo Romeo you are my enemy and you will be my challenge at a half 12 […]

1)Because it was the first conversation with the two Main conversation and it shows how hormonal that are and how strong relationships is going to be. 2)He uses religious Imagery to show Juliet that he treats her like a goddess ‘My grave is like to be wedding bed’              Juliet […]

Sampson and Gregory, two servants of the house of Capulet, stroll through the streets of Verona. With bawdy banter, Sampson vents his hatred of the house of Montague. The two exchange punning remarks about physically conquering Montague men and sexually conquering Montague women. Gregory sees two Montague servants approaching, and discusses with Sampson the best […]